Building native *nix solutions with C++, GTK+ and SQL Server vNext

Hi Community, This is the fourth and final post of this series on GTK+ and Linux development with C++ and SQL Server vNext. The purpose of this post is to walk you through a demo application I’ve written using a few different technologies, tools and patterns as listed below: C++ CLion Glade SQL Sever vNext MVC […]

Displaying tabular data in a GtkTreeView

Hi Community, As a follow up to Yesterday’s post on Linux development with C++, GTK+ and SQL Server vNext. Today’s post is about GtkTreeView and how we can use it to display tabular data, as we’re used to do with a DataGrid in .NET, but first it’s worthy to start with an introduction to GTK+. […]

Open-source Projects

Github repos – Some of open-source projects and repositories are shown in table below: Project   Project URL   Project Description   Technology   Visual SOS Visual Studio Marketplace Visual Studio extension to debug managed applications by leveraging SOS extension and Windows debugging engine.   Visual C++, Visual C#, COM, Win32, DLL […]

Exposing functionality in C++ parent class to children classes through proxies

Hi Community, Today’s post is about a common scenario we might face when building software. Sometimes, we have a parent class which contains a child member or property that requires to trigger or execute code that exist in the parent. It is a common practice to pass a reference to the container or parent, even […]

Replicating C#’s using statement functionality in C++

Hi Community, Today’s post is about a project I’ve recently started working on, it’s a C++ application for Linux built with GTK+ and SQL Server vNext for Linux. I’m also using CLion which is my favorite cross-platform IDE when doing plain C++  and Glade as my UI editor. I chose not to use Qt, because I’d […]