Microsoft MVP Award recipient for 2016

Hi community,

It gives me a great joy to announce that Microsoft has awarded me with an MVP recognition once again, in this opportunity in the “Visual Studio and Development Technologies” category . Since the MVP Program has been around for more than two decades, Microsoft have recently made changes to it, therefore, I can contribute to anything that’s related to Visual Studio and not only Visual C++ centric. This change is benefitial for everyone, and it’s something that I’ve been doing for a long time ago when posting stuff around interop between managed and native code, as well as different technologies. This is my eleventh consecutive time as an MVP, and during this time I’ve been able to see how Microsoft and their technologies have change for better I would say. Their approach towards FOSS and cross-platform have made them a better and open organization than ever before.
MVP 2016
These days I spend my days mostly working in architecture design, building frameworks and solutions for customers and R&D which I find it very appealing because I can do cool stuff like building native code that leverages AWS C++ SDK with Visual StudioCLion or Qt Creator using C++ that I can deploy to my WindowsLinux or Raspberry Pi without any issues and that’s one of C++’s main strengths, portability and efficiency.
Thank-you very much all.