Open-source Projects

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Some of open-source projects and repositories are shown in table below:



Project URL


Project Description




Visual SOS


Visual Studio extension to debug managed applications by leveraging SOS extension and Windows debugging engine.


Visual C++, Visual C#, COM, Win32, DLL




Remote Access via Distributed Components. Solution that meshes many interesting technologies such as C++, Azure, Office Automation and Kinect for Windows.


Visual C++, Visual C#, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Kinect, Web Services


Service Integration Framework


Alternative to Microsoft's CCF/CCA & USD through Web Services (running in app server and client).


Visual C#, Win32, Interop




Demo application to showcase native C++ *nix solution with SQL Server vNext on Linux and GTK+


C++, GCC, Linux, GTK+, SQL Server




Metadata Filesystem for Windows


Visual C++, C, Visual C#, Windows Minidriver, Win32, User & Kernel mode, COM


Native-dotNet-Metaprogramming Library that allows .NET developers to execute code in the GPU using C++ AMP by decorating their C# code with attributes (AOP approach).


Visual C++, C, Visual C#, GPU, AMP, AOP, Metaprogramming, Win32




AutomationScriptEngine is an XML-based DSL that allows developers write scripts to automate existing Win32 applications.


Visual C#, Interop, Win32, DSL




WhatIs utility available in *nix system for Windows having a Jet database (ESENT) acting as repository.


Visual C++, ESENT, Win32