Just a reflection

I’m currently watching a Venezuelan-Cuban movie called “Havana Eva” and I got a collection of mixed feelings. Joy… Hate… Frustration… Among others… How a prosperous, nice and beautiful country like Venezuela became a comunist and cuban neo-colony? Latinos in general don’t have any migrant history but it’s a new thing to all of us. It’s never been easy, Life, I mean… and it’s true, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger… I’ve been in Australia for almost 3 years and I’m still trying to fit in (once again, the cultural barrier is always present, e.g.: Sayings, jokes even sports). I wish we had the opportunities people have here and are taken for granted, same thing applies to us back home (5 cents of a dollar for a litre of petrol, for instance)… I don’t know, I just hope that all of this sacrifice and effort is for a better future for me and my unborn kids.

I’m looking forward to going home on holidays and spend time with family.

My two cents for the day…

Peace out!

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