Good deed of the day

Life is a curious thing, because everyday it gives us the opportunity to do something new or special, even more it gives us the ability to influence (in a good way) and help people. There’s nothing more satisfying than someone expressing how good they feel for your help or for taking your piece of advice. Well, something like that recently happened to me.

How many times I’ve felt in despair and lost? How many times I’ve ever wanted talk to someone or a friend looking for an answer or opinion regarding an issue I might have?

There’s also a funny phenomenon going on, the more connected we seem to be (e.g.: Internet, Mobile Devices, etc.) The more disconnected we are. Whenever I catch the bus or train, I see people chatting from their mobile devices but they don’t talk to the person standing next to them. I also see people don’t giving their seats to elder, expectant mothers or disabled people, so I wonder, when did we become so selfish that we don’t care about the rest?.  If we act like that, how can we possible do a good deed of the day? No matter how big or small the good deed might be, important is to do it in a selfless manner.

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